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Powder Up Kit (Nutriplex, IG Powder, Sugar Powder, & Chocolate Powder)

Powder Up Kit (Nutriplex, IG Powder, Sugar Powder, & Chocolate Powder)

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The Powder Up Kit. Boost your immunity, clean your GI tract while reducing your cravings for sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

This BiomeTech specific combo of Nutriplex, IG Powder, Sugar Powder, & Chocolate Powder addresses cravings and boosting your immune system.


  • Helps replace sugar and fatty food cravings
  • Nutritional support for immune system
  • Helps curb sugar and alcohol cravings
  • Supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the GI tract

This package contains 4 products: Nutriplex (4oz jar), IG Powder (Small glass jar), Sugar Powder (Small glass jar), & Chocolate Powder (Small glass jar).

Together these powders will also assist to curb cravings from the Daily Drugs of Sugar, Chocolate, Alcohol & Caffeine. These are supportive tools for all the “daily drug” residue in the system and for current dependency. This combo can also create an emotional sense of joy.

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