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Krissy Hawkes (Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner)

Krissy Hawkes
Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner

I am here to help facilitate the health and well being of those I meet. Whether its sleep issues, depression, anxiety, something physical or just over an overall sense that there is more to life that you want, let's be in touch. I have spent many years of my life learning about the body and how it heals itself. Having been through my own ups and downs of life (stress, overwhelm, living on the biochemical rollercoaster of coffee, sugar and alcohol) I feel blessed to have found BiomeTech 5 years ago as they have helped me establish a strong joyful foundation in my life. It has been the gift that keeps giving.

Through the modalities I have trained as a Yoga Teacher, TBI practitioner, Energy Worker, BiomeTech practitioner and most recently Psych-K, I have been able to help others achieve the changes they desire. BiomeTech is very much a collaborative process. Let's look at what's going on in your life so that we can facilitate the change you want. I look forward to meeting you.

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Kylie McConnell (Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner)

Kylie McConnell
Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner

If you know there's more for you--you can feel it-- but you don't exactly know what that is or how to access that, you're in the right place. Like you, I had things I wanted to change. Coming from sugar and food addiction, numbing out and avoiding, and feeling frustrated (even though I was seeking a spiritual path, where I was and what I wanted had a big gap in my real world).

I can now say that nearly every single day I feel better, more alive, clearer, and more thrilled about my life than I did the day before. And I'm here to support you in doing the same with BiomeTech. Together, we can create the most supportive first step to this journey. And I'll be holding your hand every step of the way. As someone that thought I was living a healthy life (yoga, meditation, journaling, the works), I've now realized there's so much more available on a daily basis that is satisfying beyond what I had even imagined!

BiomeTech changed my quality of life dramatically about 6 years ago, and have been dedicated to sharing this unique and rare opportunity ever since. I look forward to sharing this with you!

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 Linda Lo Curto, MSc (Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner)

Linda Lo Curto, MSc
Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner

I am a firm believer in experiential knowledge and "walking the talk". I have experiential knowledge of solving stress, adrenal exhaustion, nutrients absorption, attention problems, mental health issues and hormonal imbalance.

My quest into Regeneration and Rejuvenation of the body and mind led me to the Practitioner Programme at BiomeTech, as I want to support others in speeding up their evolution, discovering higher levels of mind-body abilities and consciousness union. Born and raised in Sicily, Italy, I am here to embody the teachings from the Scientific, Holistic and Consciousness Unity streams of knowledge into one unique blend, with an open mind and willingness to help others explore new, evolving paradigms of health with the support of BiomeTech nutrients. BiomeTech has helped me reach levels of health, sharpness of the mind, impeccability and congruency that I never thought were possible. I am passionate about helping others remember their full potential and shoot to the stars! Let’s be in touch to discover the new You.

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