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Krissy Hawkes (Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner)

Krissy Hawkes
Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner

I am here to help facilitate the health and well being of those I meet. Whether its sleep issues, depression, anxiety, something physical or just over an overall sense that there is more to life that you want, let's be in touch. I have spent many years of my life learning about the body and how it heals itself. Having been through my own ups and downs of life (stress, overwhelm, living on the biochemical rollercoaster of coffee, sugar and alcohol) I feel blessed to have found BiomeTech as they have helped me establish a strong joyful foundation in my life. It has been the gift that keeps giving.

Through the modalities I have trained as a Yoga Teacher, TBI practitioner, Energy Worker, BiomeTech practitioner and most recently Psych-K, I have been able to help others achieve the changes they desire. BiomeTech is very much a collaborative process. Let's look at what's going on in your life so that we can facilitate the change you want. I look forward to meeting you.

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Lindsay Mullen (Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner)

Lindsay Mullen
Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner

With more than 20 certifications in the Health, Sports and Fitness Industries, over 9 years experience as a Personal Trainer and the honor of being one of the first Lululemon Ambassadors in Ottawa, my focus is technical, science-based treatments that are proven to increase human performance.

After suffering a devastating neck injury at the age of 22, I dedicated myself to understanding the power of emerging health technology and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal.

My fitness journey led me to a life of extreme sports in countries all over the world and I returned home to become one of the pioneering voices, founders and investors for Laser Therapy and Cryotherapy in all of Canada.

After becoming a mom, founding a successful health and wellness business and managing operations for SEAL Team Leaders Consulting all during a global pandemic, I’m excited to dedicate my energy to helping BiomeTech claim their spot as a leading player in the Health, Sports and Fitness Industries.

My passion is helping people, especially female athletes and CEOs, harness the power of emerging technology to dramatically improve their daily experience. I believe in BiomeTech because I understand the science and I know what actually works.

If you’re ready to talk about your goals and build a plan of how to get there, book a free consultation to take your personal health commitment to the next level.

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Jennifer Schafer (Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner)

Jennifer Schafer
Client Care / BiomeTech Practitioner

Before you take part in the amazing transformational journey of Camp, allow me to be your first point of contact to gather and talk about your lifestyle and health challenges that you would like to address and change. Allow yourself to take a deeper look at how to overcome the blockages and obstacles while benefiting from the products of BiomeTech in an atmosphere of nurturance and support. I will also be your post Camp support to ensure the wellness plan is working for you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

As a licensed Massage Therapist and Fertility Coach I develop wellness plans in tandem with my clients and incorporate modalities in my work to include: Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage, Polarity, Reiki, energy work and Bioenergetic Therapy while maintaining my own self care program of BiomeTech products, yoga, meditation and the study of spirituality.

Please feel free to reach out and let's master a wellness plan of optimal health and vibrancy in order to master your life's desired fulfillment.

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