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Frequently Asked Questions


There are new thoughts and ideologies presented in these FAQs. We invite you to open your mind, your heart, and read ahead.

1. What is BiomeTech?
2. What are the ingredients?
3. What should I expect to accomplish from using BiomeTech products?

4. Is BiomeTech for everyone?
5. Where do I buy BiomeTech products?
6. How many types of products are there?
7. Why are BiomeTech products so expensive?
8. Why are there not more scientific & medical studies available?

9. Why would I use the products?
10. How do I know which products to use?
11. What can I expect to experience?
12. How long do I take these nutrients?
13. Are there any side effects?
14. What happens emotionally?

15. Why do I never feel satisfied after eating?
16. How do the products affect problematic sleep?
17. Why is sleep such an important part of brain regeneration?
18. Can I still use caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, & chocolate?
19. How do I become a BiomeTech Affiliate?

20. What ages are appropriate to use the products?
21. Do I need to actively use the products in order for my child to use them?
22. Why is my child so stressed out?

The Basics
01. What is BiomeTech?
BiomeTech offers a new class of micronutrient food for the cells unlike any other product available. It comes in the form of sprays, which look and taste like water, as well as powders and capsules. Each product works to facilitate improvement of cellular peptide function in the brain and nervous system to regain optimal functioning rather than conventional approaches of correcting deficiency through supplementation and chemical intervention. BiomeTech's products have been developed and refined over decades of cutting edge research. They are used by thousands of people worldwide.

02. What are the Ingredients?
Most of the components are unique derivatives of a culturing process. Ingredients include: Microactivated peptides, glycoprotein, phospholipids, amino acids in a colloidal matrix, various vitamins, 52 minerals, Omega 3 & 6, 12 fatty acids, and bio-friendly bacteria extracts combined together and bound to a matrix of hydrated silica in a base of de- mineralized water. The entire nutrient line is nondairy, gluten free, vegan and enzymatically activated. The culturing process used incorporates up to 250 different ingredients; however, the by-products of the micro-biotic culture are entirely different from what goes into the culture to start. Because many of these by-products are unique and proprietary, they cannot be found on Google. The peptides in BiomeTech's products are unique because they have an intelligence that activates gene expression.

03. What should I expect to accomplish from using BiomeTech products?
BiomeTech sets an entirely new standard of "normal" in what optimal health should mean. We see optimal health as a person expressing the full potential of brain function and gene expression. Rather than merely an absence of disease, our standard of normal is defined as a person experiencing their full neurological potential, vitality, and vibrant joy in awakened consciousness. BiomeTech's purpose is to support this awakening using the essential micronutrients for correcting gene expression of the inherited corrupted brain bank account (deficient brain chemistry). Please join us on this exciting adventure!

Getting Started
04. Is BiomeTech For Everyone?
Yes. Based on our research, everyone in modern culture and civilization suffers from a lack of optimal neurological functioning. This is common due to improper peptide and neurotransmitter production, a result of modern human's unnatural diet, processed foods, chemical pollutants, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and accumulated inherited genetic deficiencies. Nevertheless, the decision to use BiomeTech's products along with adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle is up to each individual.

05. Where do I buy BiomeTech products?
Currently, the products are only available through our online BiomeTech store or by calling the office. New clients are encouraged to place their initial order through one of our Client Care Specialists to insure the most optimal protocol is being used to support their needs and lifestyle. For more information go to or write to or call +1(978) 999-5116.

06. How many types of products are there?
There are currently 60 different sprays, each targeting a different neurotransmitter or peptide function. In addition, there are a variety of supplement capsules and five food-based micronutrient powders.

07. Why are BiomeTech products so expensive?
Both the production processes and components used in manufacturing BiomeTech's products are some of the costliest on Earth. We do not take any shortcuts in creating a product that produces maximum results and effectiveness by using less effective or inexpensive components.

08. Why are there not more scientific & medical studies available??
There is a small circle of scientists aware of our research. Keep in mind that anything new that challenges conventional thinking or the economics of established medical practice is most often met with ridicule, hostility, and summarily discredited. We are not trying to change the minds of those fixed in their thinking. We are only interested in raising the consciousness and neurological functioning of those who seek personal awakening and the realization of their full neurological potential. We are in the process of collecting research and scientific data to support our products.

Taking the Products
09. Why would I use the products?
For most people, feeling "normal" is functioning from whatever level of stress and deficient neurological functioning they are accustomed to. Most people don't know what higher neurological functioning feels like because they have never experienced it. The analogy we use is: the brains we walk around with are as upgraded as computers when they were as big as a house. Anyone who would like to upgrade the mind-body-spirit connection, whether it is simply to improve sleep, eliminate anxiety, or have a more youthful functioning brain with the wisdom of their years, would benefit from using our products. There are multiple reasons to use BiomeTech's products. Mainly, life becomes a lot more fun when the brain and consciousness get turned on to a higher level of functioning.

10. How do I know what products to use?
Each person's deficiencies are unique and need specific solutions. However, we have found that nearly everyone does not get the quality or quantity of deep sleep necessary for neurological regeneration and repair. In addition, many people function with an over-stimulation of stress to get through the day. There is an implicate order of using BiomeTech's products to ensure optimal benefit. It begins with starting on sprays to restore deep sleep and calm the nervous system, the foundation for neurological repair. Schedule a session with one of our Client Care Specialists to determine a protocol to suit your specific needs.

11. What can I expect to experience?
Experiences have ranged from subtle to dramatic. Much will depend on an individual's level of chemical imbalance, toxicity, fatigue, lifestyle, and sensitivity to changes within their nervous system. The longer an individual consistently uses the products, the more noticeable and dramatic the results are. This is a common experience. In addition, there is a synergistic effect of using multiple sprays in that they enhance the effectiveness of each other as a whole.

12. How long do I take these nutrients?
For most people, lasting change occurs over the span of a year. Initially, it is ideal to commit to a four month process to establish foundational change. Then, an individual's degree and type of imbalance determines how long it will take to stabilize those changes.

13. Are there any side effects?
Correcting brain and neurotransmitter production oftentimes entails feeling and experiencing where we really are in the absence of artificially stimulating substances. If someone is accustomed to using artificially stimulating substances, consistently running on adrenaline, and living at a high stress level, they may begin to experience how tired they really are when they start to calm down the nervous system. BiomeTech's nutrients promote normal production of GABA, serotonin, dopamine, etc. It interferes with imbalanced fight-or-flight stress response (HPA axis). Cutting out over-adrenalization allows one to experience how tired they really are in the absence of stress. BiomeTech's products do not contain anything to make a person tired; however when taking BiomeTech's protocol, a person's true level of exhaustion might reveal itself fairly quickly. This is part of the healing process. The journey is to assist your body to be in alignment with your consciousness.

14. What happens emotionally?
It is our philosophy that every single physical ailment has an emotional component. Whether it is the emotional that causes the physical or the physical that causes the emotional is irrelevant. When people go through the process of turning their brain on, there is an enormous amount of energy that can be released. This can cause a full range of emotions, such as, sadness, anger, irritability, upset, relief, pleasure, happiness, laughter, you name it. You will feel it, especially in places where you have been numb from being shut down. If the feelings are fully experienced, they will move. If feelings have been denied for a long time, they will definitely come up to be released.

Lifestyle Changes
15. Why do I never feel satisfied after eating?
We believe that many people are using food and the harmful chemicals found in food to compensate for neurotransmitter imbalance and deficiency. For example, sugar is a mood elevator for serotonin deficiency and caffeine in coffee and soda is an artificial stimulant for dopamine and norepinephrine production. It is extraordinary how much food and chemical substances are being used in modern culture to compensate for neurotransmitter imbalance and deficiency. Many people wake up in the morning tired and use caffeine to energize. During the day, the energy wanes. They eat sugary sweets or more caffeine. In the evening, they are stressed, tired, and exhausted. They use alcohol, cannabis, desserts, or excess food to calm down the nervous system. When food is used to compensate for improper neurotransmitter production, it is difficult to be satisfied because there is a constant need to regulate the mood and energy level. BiomeTech attempts to correct this vicious cycle in assisting the brain to produce optimal levels of neurotransmitters naturally. When we start to restore balance in our chemistry, our entire relationship with food changes. We know this because we have helped many people alter life-long patterns.

16. How do the products affect problematic sleep?
The length of time it will take to correct disordered sleep will depend on how long an individual hasn't slept properly. If you haven't slept properly for a decade or more, we might need 3-5 months to correct the pattern. Be patient. We are in this process to solve the problem, not just placate it. Getting sleep right away is fantastic, but getting to sleep long-term is crucial to healing your wellbeing and the regeneration of your body. It is also important to regenerate the mind as well as the physical body when sleep has been deprived for a long time.

17. Why is sleep such an important part of brain regeneration?
True neuro-regeneration and repair requires deep, 4th stage sleep. Unfortunately, most adults running on stress with imbalanced chemistry are lucky to get even one or two minutes of 4th stage sleep per night. This lack of deep regenerative sleep is one of the greatest contributing factors to aging, imbalance, and brain degeneration in modern culture. An essential aspect of BiomeTech's products is to provide nutrients to assist in reaching 4th stage sleep by restoring proper brain chemistry. A healthy person or child gets 20 -30 minutes of 4th stage regenerative sleep per night. This is one of the key objectives from the onset in using our products.

18. Can I still use caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, & chocolate?
That is a personal choice. However, as long as artificially stimulating substances are being used to any degree, healthy neurotransmitter levels the brain needs to establish correct gene expression may be interfered with. Using those same artificially stimulating substances, which contributed to imbalance and suppressed gene expression in the first place, can be counterproductive. Chemicals that artificially stimulate neurotransmitters inhibit cellular gene expression for those same neurotransmitters. Unfortunately, these substitutes were oftentimes the best that society had to offer before BiomeTech. There is no reason for guilt or shame, as each individual has done the best they could to self-medicate for biochemical depression of chemistry that is not operating at its full potential. It is our experience that people using BiomeTech products begin to make entirely different and more positive choices for themselves as the chemistry becomes balanced.

19. How do I become a BiomeTech Affiliate?
BiomeTech's Affiliate Program is for those who have a deep affinity for how BiomeTech's protocol has made a difference in their lives and want to share this technology with others. If you are interested in learning more about our Affiliate Program, please email with the subject headliner stating "Affiliate Info, Please."

Family & Kids
20. What ages are appropriate to use the products?
All ages can benefit from BiomeTech's products, including: adults, teens, children, and the elderly; as well as people between life stages such as those suffering from midlife crisis or menopause. It is never too soon to correct or support gene expression, in fact, the earlier the better. Humanity has been passing down a corrupted brain bank account for at least the past three generations as a result of pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, and what we refer to as the "daily drugs" including: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, artificial sweeteners, and chemical food coloring. We believe that the use of these chemicals adversely effects gene expression. Even if a person has never used any of these chemicals, children can inherit deficient gene expression from their parents. BiomeTech's products are micro-nutrients to facilitate the natural process of awakening silenced gene expression. NOTE: Certain sprays are not appropriate for infants. We recommend most of our Calming sprays, such as Aqua Calm, Tq Plus, G5, and Ananda. The rest might be too stimulating for infants. Please consult your practitioner regarding use of BiomeTech's products for infants.

21. Do I need to actively use the products in order for my child to use them? When parents are nervous, stressed, and overworking, their children are imprinting on their nervous system for the first twelve years of their life. It is important that at least one parent is using BiomeTech's products so that the child has a nervous system they can connect to that is also calm.

22. Why is my child so stressed out?
It can be one of three things; 1) they did not inherit the proper neurotransmitter bank account from their genetics, 2) they are too delicate for the diet and life style they are currently experiencing, or 3) the nervous system was set with too much stress and they are unable to reset the nervous system to a balanced state to be calm; or a combination of any of these three things. We have helped many children to eliminate this type of stress and anxiety. We request at least one parent is using BiomeTech's protocol so that they have a nervous system that the child can connect with that is also calm. Usually a child changes much faster than adults, as they do not have psychology in the way to believe that it is not possible.

The possibilities of growing and expanding into optimal health with BiomeTech are boundless.

Welcome to discovering the profound you.

Welcome to BiomeTech!