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A Journey With BiomeTech

  • #12: Earth Day

    As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, notice what’s happening all around the world. Earth gets a global reset and we get the chance to recharge and start living the way we were meant to live.
  • #11: A Zoom With A View

    In a time of uncertainty we are coming together to learn and grow and share our experiences. Angel Evans' Sunday Awakening Zoom calls bring together a group of likeminded people who use their energy to focus on a better future.
  • #10: Spring Ahead

    Trying to remain positive in an ever changing world is hard. How will we manage ourselves as a deadly virus is changing the world as we know it?
  • #9: Ski ya later!

    Sometimes a shift in the way you see things not only makes a huge difference in your life but also pushes you in the right direction.
  • #8: The Roaring 20s

    Will the 2020s be known as a time of healing with more people spending money on self-care? It looks like we are heading into the Healing 20s which is much needed as we head into uncharted waters as the decade starts with corona virus.
  • #7: Enjoying the HoliDaze

    Being in the right head space has many benefits. Taking care of your body and mind can actually make difficult tasks like holiday shopping a breeze.
  • #6: Bad Medicine

      “Modern medicine, for all its advances, knows less than 10 percent of what your body knows instinctively.” - Deepak Chopra     It doesn’t matt...
  • #5: “Angstgiving”

    The holidays can be stressful, often knocking us out of our normal routine.
  • #4: Not So Sweet 16

    A BiomeTech user describes the challenges of mothering a teenager while entering the peri menopausal stage of life. Hormone imbalances in both mother and daughter lead to intense emotional encounters. BiomeTech's microbiotic spray technology can alleviate these imbalances, leading to alignment and calm on both sides.
  • #3: No Retreat, No Surrender

    Michele details her experience at a marriage retreat weekend, and how her use of BiomeTech products helped her remain calm, focused, and energized while confronting her emotions and stressful aspects of her relationship. 

  • #2: Fire Drill

    Learning to stay calm under pressure can be difficult, but it is an important skill to have. A BiomeTech user shares her story about a recent California wildfire and her not-so-typical reaction to potential disaster.
  • #1: One Step Forward

    A first-hand account of a user’s intro experience with BiomeTech. Our microbiome-focused technology & products serve as alternative health & wellness micronutrients to support higher neurological functioning & vital living. Productivity levels, physical, mental, spiritual & emotional well-being raised with BiomeTech.