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Winter Season Kit

Winter Season Kit

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BiomeTech's Winter Season Kit is uniquely designed to have you feeling carefree, joyous, centered, focused, balanced and youthful this Winter. Instead of feeling sad, depressed or lonely, invest in this combination of sprays to feed your chemistry in fighting away the darkness and bringing in the light.


  • Mood elevating nutrients
  • Carefree attitude
  • Soft in your body and expanded mindset
  • Heightened endurance and youthful bodily function
  • Increased energy levels
  • Sense of well-being

This package contains 4 products: Winter (2oz spray bottle), Vanilla (1oz spray bottle), GH (1oz spray bottle), & Oxygen (2oz spray bottle).

Nutritional support that promotes sleep, digestion, and a sense of well being. A mood elevating nutrient. Replenishes the body's natural mood elevating nutrients typically depleted in winter. It produces 'cell signaling agents' for the Pineal gland NOT to respond to darkness, depression, and sadness, and instead function like it does in spring and summer.

Nutritional support for relaxation, by hitting all of the vanilla receptors in the brain. Vanilla is an aphrodisiac and this spray helps you feel carefree, soft in your body, happier and expanded. Do not combine with our chocolate spray.

Nutritional support to promote longevity and youthful bodily function, both emotionally and physically. Aids in building muscle mass, skin elasticity, energy levels and regular sleep patterns. This can result in greater endurance, desired weight loss, and mood elevation.

Stabilized Oxygen (O3) is an essential nutritive element that supports aerobic metabolism and increases the energy output in the body's cells. It benefits the immune system and supports the body to cleanse the blood of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Oxygen is nutritional support to effectively increase muscle energy on a cellular level, oxygenates the hemoglobin in the blood and eliminates carbon monoxide.