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StayCation Feel Good Kit

StayCation Feel Good Kit

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The StayCation "Feel Good" Kit. As we are being asked to Stay at Home, how can we use this time to repair our nervous systems and clear our minds of the mental chatter?

Can we use this time to relax, feel good, and CALM?

BiomeTech's combination of Chocolate Spray, G5, and Ananda delivers the perfect package.


  • Promotes sleep
  • Very relaxing
  • Promotes a sense of wellbeing

This package contains 3 products: Chocolate Spray (1oz), G5 (1oz), & Ananda (1oz).

Chocolate Spray feeds all the brain receptors as it is an adaptogenic. It makes you feel happy and subtly energized just like chocolate. This spray does everything pleasurable that chocolate does without the bad brain damaging side effects. Do not combine with Vanilla.

G5 Supports the gabanergic part of the brain (the part of the brain that promotes relaxation and calm) by providing nutrition to stimulate the brain’s own natural production of GABA. GABA filters the brain’s thought transmitters and the ability to discern desirable and undesirable thought patterns.

Ananda "The Natural High". Named after the Sanskrit word for Ecstasy, Anandamides (Ananda) are neurotransmitters that relate to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Ananda latches on to tiny receptor sites all over the brain & play a key role in keeping us healthy, happy, and free of pain. Nutritional support that promotes sleep, digestion, and a sense of wellbeing. A mood elevating nutrient.