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The dilemma we face is that modern humans rarely exist with an optimal quantity or diversity of microbes in the microbiome. We live with an ancestry and environment that causes damage at a microbial and genetic level and we are consuming a diet that is nutritionally deficient in many ways.

This situation can feel overwhelming, and the current best solution that much modern medicine has to offer involves probiotics (supplementing the diet with healthy microbes), prebiotics (foods that nurture the helpful microbes in the microbiome) and FMT’s (Faecal Matter Transplantation: the introduction of stool samples from humans with an extremely healthy microbiome into the bowels of those humans with an extremely compromised and unhealthy microbiome). All of which can help and have some success.

However, at BiomeTech we have developed an alternative and, we believe, unparalleled way to regenerate and restore human health and functioning at a cellular Level.

In our laboratory, we have created the ideal human gut microbiome, containing all those bacteria we have identified as essential to human health and optimal functioning. This in-vitro microbiome is then fed with all the organic and nutrient dense foods that we, as modern day humans, no longer always have access to. The result is that this microbiome produces all the neuro-transmitters, hormones, growth factors, micro-nutrients and vitamins that we, with compromised microbiomes, are no longer able to produce in the correct quantities or often at all. And this is with the added benefit that these micronutrients are already in the form of the human body requires. They are organic in nature and therefore recognised by the human body as natural. Our cells are able to recognise and utilise these compounds, at the same time as now having the information to begin synthesising these compounds themselves. The body is able to function at a higher level of health and is able to rebuild and to repair DNA.