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BiomeTech: Cleansing Detox PCE


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PCE is a combination product that is comprised of our Oxygen product, PCA, and SAM nutritional products.

2oz spray bottle.

AM spray.

Stabilized Oxygen, an essential nutritive element that supports aerobic metabolism and increases the energy output in the body's cells, is combined with neuro-nutrients, to improve mood, increase energy levels and help detoxify cell membranes to benefit the immune system, help clear the blood of germs, viruses and bacteria. PCE is nutritional support to effectively increase muscle energy on a cellular level, oxygenate the hemoglobin in the blood and neutralize carbon monoxide. It aids in the relief of PMS, general pain, joint, integrity, and arthritis.


  • Increases energy output
  • Helps improve mood
  • Assists in detoxifying cell membranes