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#11: A Zoom With A View


It’s now day “I can’t even remember” of the “safer at home” quarantine. Kids are used to distance learning and happy to be in pajamas all day, we are meeting over Zoom and getting the hang of working at home. Some things aren’t so great, like hearing about people we know getting sick or losing their jobs. Then realizing that this isn’t a “me” thing, it’s a “we” thing. There isn’t a single country not affected by COVID-19. While the thought of that is truly terrifying, it’s also, in a weird way, comforting. The entire world is experiencing this. Rich or poor, royal or commoner, young or old, we are all in the same boat, with the size of that boat the only difference.


The fears I have are not about getting sick. I am healthy, my immune system is top notch, I have no medical issues and I am sticking to my sprays (especially AVC and AVH) like clockwork. What scares me is the uncertainly, the future and what will our life look like going forward. Surely it can never be the same. Entire business models will be shifting and some industries will just go away. There are the positives: Mother Earth is healing, skies are beautiful, oceans are cleaner, and giant pandas are mating after almost 10 years. Nations are helping other nations. Friends and neighbors are coming together to get food to those who can’t. Doctors, nurses, teachers, truck drivers and grocery workers have replaced sports icons as heroes. We are coming together as a global human collective for what seems like the first time ever.


Our founder and spiritual queen Angel Evans has started doing free Sunday Zoom calls. These Sunday Awakenings are a beautiful way to connect with our entire BiomeTech family, staff, clients, practitioners and friends all coming together for guidance and strength. It’s really a great reset after a tough week. Seeing everyone’s beautiful face gives each one involved a calming respite from the usual gloom and doom coming from their computer screen. Angel’s use of Zoom is the perfect way to connect with people within the U.S. as well as overseas.  


In an age where personal connection is essential and technology is addictive, Zoom takes the best of both and brings us together. I have had so many Zoom dinners with friends it is starting to feel normal. I look forward to my nightly calls with friends over FaceTime. I have talked to so many people in the last few weeks that in a normal time I would have probably just emailed. I have nightly conversations with my dad, who is all-alone a few hours away from me, I haven’t been able to actually see him in weeks but our connections have been strong.


After Angel’s calls I feel invigorated. Her enthusiasm is contagious! If you told me back in October that I would be happy about being out of bed before noon on a Sunday and excited about video conferencing on my computer I would have laughed, but that’s where I find myself. I feel completely at ease after a full night of sleep (even during these times) and happy to show my messy hair to hundreds of people, many I don’t know. This has to be a result of my now healthy microbiome. My ability to stay focused as we all navigate these uncharted waters is still new to me but feels extremely comfortable. 


I haven’t felt this before, but feel like this is how I’ve been meant to feel. As I listen to Angel talk about the global reset I completely understand what she means. With the right tools, you can unlock the part of you that will get through anything, including a pandemic. If you let it, you will be one of the lucky few that comes out of this with a plan for whatever the future holds as well as the tools to navigate through it.


If any of you are on the Sunday Zoom calls I will be the one with big smile and messy hair.


Please be safe out there, follow the social distance rules, wear a mask and wash your hands. But most important: Spray, spray spray!!

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