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#10: Spring Ahead

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
- Benjamin Franklin


My friend Julie lives in Bari, Italy. Currently she is stuck at home as the entire country is under quarantine. She is posting pictures and video of her street almost every hour. People are playing music, talking to each other from their balconies and the street is empty. It’s beautiful and serene but the images are frightening. The entire country is inside. People are dying at an alarming rate and the hospitals are turning people away. She and her family are not in a risk group but her friends and neighbors are. She warned me that we would soon be under the same order. She told everyone she could to get ahead of it as soon as possible, read up on whatever you could and posted the CDC guidelines and suggestions.

While the spread of COVID-19 has been on the news, the thought that a global pandemic was about to hit our shores seemed unrealistic. Nonetheless, I believe in being prepared, so I went into full prep mode. I didn’t want to be stuck at the last minute trying to scramble to get what we needed. Thanks to giant warehouse stores I didn’t need to worry about bathroom products. Laziness makes it so that I am fully stocked because I really do not like shopping there. I stocked my pantry, bought extra pasta, rice and foods that could be made quickly by my daughter who might be home from school for a while. I ordered batteries for my thermometer, ordered the food my dog likes (that I can only find online) and told my friends to do the same.

After being told that I was overreacting, the news of toilet paper stockpiling was spreading. There’s a big difference between being prepared and being selfish. Within a day stores were empty, there was no hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, or Lysol. Dry foods were flying off shelves. The average grocery order was about $500 at my local store.

A few days later schools are closing, the stock market is plummeting, people are scared. We went from being prepared to a lockdown in a matter of days. While I agree having the items you need and want are necessary, the one thing that will help is being healthy--mentally and physically. Staying physically fit is only part of maintaining a healthy immune system. We must also maintain our mental health by not allowing fear and anxiety to consume us--it weakens our immune systems and makes us more susceptible to illness. 

As soon as we heard the news of this virus, BiomeTech was hard at work developing another antiviral spray to maintain a healthy microbiome. The fatalities from this virus were hitting the elderly and immunocompromised. While there is no cure, healthy people seem to recover faster, like the case in all diseases. On March 13th BiomeTech released AVC to our beloved community, if you did not see the emails please read:

We have been working diligently to create our new product: AVC. It supports our microbiome to protect us from the harmful elements our society is facing right now. There is a lot of fear and confusion happening around all of us. And, it is even more critical at this time to STRENGTHEN our Microbiome.  


Our Scientists have created a virtual microbiome in the laboratory. They have challenged it with the relevant infectious agents and through fermentation, AVC has been produced to strengthen your immune system. 

We've also developed the AVC Calming Kit, which pairs AVC with TQ Plus, SAM, Aqua Calm, and Silver to maximize calmness during this tumultuous time--further bolstering the immune system.   


As we watch what happens to our world, please stay healthy, remain calm about what’s going on, and remember that it’s happening to everyone. My Aqua Calm is working double time as I now have a teen at home for the next month. Stress has the potential to reach a high level as we all do what we need to for our families. We need to make sure we are sleeping and eating properly. Try to get outside and move your body. Draw up a schedule and stick to it. Please remember to follow your spray regimen! Now is not the time to let anything slip. 

In my house after we wake up we spend a few minutes quietly reflecting on what the day will bring for our minds. We spray to keep our microbiome balanced. We eat a healthy breakfast to fuel us. We check in every few hours to ensure things are happening as they should.

I think I am going to start a daily journal to track this new journey. For now please stay healthy, take protocols seriously and stay focused. A healthy mind and body was your best defense before and that is still the case. 

Blessings to you all!! Stay calm, connected, safe, and healthy. We will get through this together <3

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