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#1: One Step Forward


Every new path starts with a step. For most of my life these steps have been sideways or backwards. This time I am moving forward because the journey to a better life is mine and mine alone. I am here to share it with you.

Before I start let me say a bit about me, I’ll make it brief: Former New Yorker, current Angeleno. Willingly (and happily) gave up a career to raise my beautiful daughter. Turned said beautiful daughter’s sweet smile and love of posing into a profession which provided her with a financial head start when she turns 18. Cultivated a hobby into a thriving photography business, all the while available 24/7 to meet the needs and wants of my family. I woke up one day and realized that I had forgotten something. I had failed to stop and think about what I wanted or needed. In fact it wasn’t just that I had forgotten about me, there was no one checking in to see if I needed or wanted anything. I was flying on auto-pilot for too long. It was time to commit to change and regain control of all aspects of my life. Take control of the wheel or crash and burn. 

I recently started working at BiomeTech after a friend referred me. Before that I had never heard of their technology or the MiST Program. When I met with the team I felt instantly at home and decided this would be my first step towards putting my needs first and regaining control of my life. Here at BiomeTech we have a “practice what we preach” philosophy and everyone has their own specific spray protocol. I was excited to not only learn about the sprays but to see how they were going to change my life. 


Week 1:

Met with Krissy my co-worker and Client Care Specialist to address my needs and go over the appropriate BiomeTech protocol I will need to start my regimen.  Krissy has been using the BiomeTech technology for years and is extremely in tune with every single product. Throughout our discussion I was comfortable enough to open up about things I wouldn’t normally share with someone I don’t know very well: my sources of stress and anxiety, health history, bad habits, sleep patterns, etc. We share some of the same issues and listening to her talk about how her life has been transformed was the first glimmer of hope I had seen in a long time. There are Sprays dedicated for the morning time, evening time and any time based on my energy cycles. Krissy put me on the following protocol which initially starts out with BiomeTech’s product line of Sprays:


Morning sprays:

  1. Aqua Calm (anytime)
  2. SAM
  3. Oxygen
  4. NG1


Evening sprays:

  1. G5
  2. TQ Plus
  3. Ananda


I was eager to get started as my home life was extremely chaotic with a moody teenage daughter and a relationship that has been in the  “It’s Complicated” dropdown menu for quite a while. For the rest of the day I felt a bit lighter, not only because talking though things is always helpful but knowing I had committed to change was liberating.

I am not a morning person and I was worried about adding an additional routine when I am already pressed for time, but it was not a problem. I even set up a nice corner in my bathroom just for my pretty spray bottles. I took the Aqua Calm with me because who doesn’t need some calm during the day? I survived my workout, morning commute and work day. Everything was fine until I came home and was met with the teen ‘tude. My first reaction was to fight back but instead I went to my purse and grabbed my Aqua Calm. I slowly counted to 10 and then explained to my daughter that skipping volleyball practice because “it’s boring” is not an acceptable reason. She pressed it but I kept my cool and did not engage. Not bad for day one. Even a small victory is a victory.

They say it takes about 21 days to form a habit, but after a few days I was no longer reminding myself to use my sprays. Simply knowing that they were there made me feel better. Now that I was updating my mind/body/spirit connection I knew it was time go all in. The founder of BiomeTech, Angel Evans, is a proponent of a complete healthy lifestyle which means no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking, no caffeine, no sugar and a healthy organic diet. The no drugs, caffeine, smoking thing was easy since I do not partake in any of those. The diet was also easy as I do try to eat a clean diet (no gluten, sugar or dairy). Not drinking seems to be my only obstacle. At the end of a stressful or tough day, a glass of wine has become my way to unwind and escape.  What I’m hoping is that soon I won’t need that and the sprays will get me to my best self. Taking you with me on this journey holds me accountable, and I’m hoping to share it all and even gain insight from others who have taken their own such journey.

In less than six months all the damage that has been done to my body, mind and soul will be reversed. I will be sleeping better, thinking better, living better. I will be better.


I will be better.


I will be my best self.



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