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Spray Class

Welcome to the BiomeTech Calming Sprays Class with Angel Evans & Annie Yatch.
Calming Sprays Description:
00:00:00 BiomeTech Calming Sprays
00:01:58 Angel Intro: Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance
00:05:15 The ins and outs of the program
00:07:36 The calming sprays in order of importance: Aqua Calm, TQ Plus, G5, Ananda, Youth Plus
00:16:55 Anavone
00:19:00 PN1
00:19:38 Vanilla
00:20:09 Proton
00:20:50 How do Proton and Vanilla differ?
00:21:53 How to train children to hold the sprays
00:24:18 SAM
00:26:51 Extreme adrenal fatigue: take all the sprays in the morning
00:27:52 Why does my sleep get worse when I stop my sprays (neural plasticity)
00:31:35 IG Powder
00:35:22 Vitamin C Powder
00:36:34 How many sprays of each spray do I take
00:39:42 Spray protocol for vaccinations (PCV, AVH, PCA+, IG Powder, PCV, VR, MR)
00:43:13 Spray protocol for colds (AVH, Silver, IG Powder)
00:45:25 PCM
00:46:22 OR
00:47:20 Pro Max
00:50:29 Why is it bad for external substances (CBD) to attach to our receptors
00:54:51 Angel’s top spray recommendation for bliss and happiness

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