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Capsule C1/F: Consult Client Care

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Client Care must be consulted prior to purchase of this advanced technology. Capsules are to be used under the guidance of BiomeTech’s Client Care Team. They are more potent and active than the sprays.

A balanced mixture of the C1 and F capsule. This serotonergic/dopaminergic capsule activates the serotonin/ dopamine receptors to create a sense of calm and relaxation throughout the nervous system while also promoting energy, focus, and mental clarity.

Nutritional support  that is also beneficial for neurological issues, chronic anxiety, depression, tension and more. Depending upon one’s chemistry,  this capsule may also facilitate an elevation in mood, grounded-ness, and a sense of clarity that supports authentic and positive lifestyle changes.

Capsules are a much more potent form of our technology, approximately 10x stronger and more active than the sprays.

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