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The Real 5G: Divine Receptivity

I can't even begin to count all the times I try to force something to happen in a certain time frame. It is only when I stop and really listen, not with my ears, but with my heart and Soul, that the inner movement turns into outer momentum. 

What is this energy between thought and momentum? I call it Divine Receptivity. It is that place inside each one of us, female and male, that receives, downloads and transmits intuitive information. It is the real 5G! It is Grace, Graciousness, Glory, Guidance, Gratitude.

This Divine Feminine energy creates our life force, nurturing and supporting us through unconditional love. It's easy to lose contact with that part of ourselves during times of stress, health issues, and "Staying at Home" during the COVID-19 pandemic. If we have cut ourselves off from this energy due to childhood wounds or conditioning, it becomes especially challenging to recognize and embrace it. 

The beauty though, is the recognizing and embracing of this energy inside of ourselves which brings us into a place of unconditional loving, self acceptance and compassion. 

My BiomeTech sprays support me in remembering, recognizing and embracing my Divine Receptivity. Wild Yam supports my hormonal balance and mood. CoQ10 supports my heart health, both physically and emotionally. On the consciousness level, it helps open my heart chakra. BU gives me more energy and vitality. Enzyme G enlivens my senses and brings me into greater levels of awareness of my gratitude. Enzyme G is really great for opening up the sense of smell and taste. My Mom was having trouble with her sense of smell and taste, so I gave her some Enzyme G and to her pleasant surprise, it worked!

The BiomeTech team has developed the above unique spray combination, giving birth to Divine Feminine Energy.

May you all open up to the Divine Receptivity, and let the sweet love of the Divine Feminine energy embrace you.