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#7: Enjoying the HoliDaze



“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Is it really? I mean, aside from the magical way kids believe it’s really kind of difficult. Shopping has become a contact sport, there’s food everywhere, expectations are high and traveling isn’t what it used to be. In my circle, holidays are either an excuse for a big vacation or just a family thing at home. While every year I hope to get my ducks in a row and plan a trip, I never seem to do it. A small family dinner is always comforting (if it stays small.)  For me, the one constant is stress followed by a sinus infection. Usually one is caused by the other and in no particular order.

I stress over everything, buying the right gift, spending too much money, getting cards out in time, did I tip the mailman? Did I forget to buy someone a present? Did I remember to buy things for the stockings? Where are the stockings? It’s the small holiday details that keep me up at night and wear me down. Also, the giant moisture sucking tree that resides in my living room during part of December is pretty much an invitation for a sinus infection to join my stress.

This year I headed into the season a little older, a little wiser and a little healthier thanks to the commitment to change that I had made. Armed with a healthier diet, a positive attitude and my army of BiomeTech sprays (Aqua Calm, SAM, Oxygen, NG1, G5, TQ Plus and Ananda)  the battle of the holidays was sure to be different. At first I didn’t notice, I was late to start shopping (that was normal) but I had no anxiety as I navigated the almost full parking structures of every store I visited. I effortlessly found gifts for even the hardest to shop for. At night I wrapped all my purchases (a task usually done on the 24th at about midnight) because I had energy and wasn’t sluggish. After that I headed online, and instead of settling, I found everything I needed and was guaranteed to be delivered on time. A first for me!

I also felt great. I didn’t overindulge at holiday parties, I slept well and my attitude was not Scroogelike at all. The best part? No sinus infection. For the first time in over 15 years I was not using a heated mask to soothe my swollen face. In fact, Twas the Night Before Christmas and I was enjoying it with my family. I wasn’t hidden in a room wrapping hundreds of boxes and crying because I was in pain.

So apparently I had my own Christmas Miracle and it started with just one small step on my path to wellness.

It feels so good to believe in magic again!

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