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#4: Not So Sweet 16


What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's what little girls are made of.

Unless you’re the parent of a teen. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter but the teen years are no picnic. As women delay having kids to start a career, marry later or just weigh the decision a bit, the age difference between parent and child is growing compared to past generations. I waited to have children because I was working, hadn’t met anyone I saw a future with and honestly, I wasn’t really thinking about it. My mom had me at 23 while I was on the other side of 35 when I had my daughter. So, right about the time my daughter hit puberty, I was entering the dreaded perimenopausal stage of life.

Cut to this week and my teen turned 16. 

She’s a good kid. Gets good grades, plays sports, has a squad of friends that look like an A&F ad, and generally stays out of trouble. When I was her age I was a master at covering my less-than-squeaky-clean tracks. That being said, we do go out pretty regularly. Add hormones to the mix, however, and we are a mother and daughter cliché. We fight, we yell, we cry, we hug, sometimes we have no idea why. This can take a toll on my health and wellbeing.

My physical/mental health and wellness relies on alternative medicine and healing modalities paired with a clean diet. This is due to the fact that I'm allergic to practically every medication out there, but I am also constantly finding out about newly discovered detrimental affects of widely used prescription and OTC medicines. The calming sprays have been a wonderful solution and for that I am grateful.

I've been thinking about adding a new spray into my regimen: Wild Yam. While talking to some clients recently, I heard amazing things about it! I did some of my own research and found that Wild Yam has been used for years! Not only does it relieve cramping from PMS, Wild Yam can also lessen mood swings, lower risk of developing osteoporosis, control blood sugar levels, lower your risk of breast cancer as well as keep your cholesterol levels in check. I can’t wait to talk to my Client Care Specialist about this! Sometimes our bodies just need a slight adjustment, and a tweak of my microbiome could be the difference my hormone-filled home needs. 

My daughter can be very stubborn (my bad) and is ready to argue with me whenever I suggest she try or do something. But now that we are nearing finals season, I asked her to try some Aqua Calm in the morning. To my surprise, she agreed and now makes regular stops to my bathroom for her morning sprays. I must say that the usual morning hormone tornado has been reduced to a mild storm! For the first time in years I don’t dread the slow roll into the holiday season.

 Stay tuned for our progress!


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